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JRB Graphics artist Glenn Southwick designed this cd cover. This is a 3-cd set which contains 23 classic children's stories with actors & narrator with original music & sound effects. Glenn captured the spirit of the cds with a lock of Rapunzel's braided hair and the Frog Prince himself. Click on the picture to see a larger image (300K).

This cd was an extra challenge as it did not have a title when submitted to JRB Graphics. After creating some initial cover layouts, we recommended a title of "An Orchestra of One" as the cd contained piano transcriptions of ensemble pieces for a single performer. From there the idea of the piano projecting instrumental images became our direction. The music manuscript in the background is from one of the selections on the cd. Click on the picture to see a larger image (450K).

JRB Design suggested the title of this cd (which was originally to be named "Mystical Moments".) Once we saw the photograph and heard the "gothic" sounds from the organ, the title and cover almost suggested themselves. We, of course, made the organ photograph the subject of the cover. Click on the picture to see a larger image (190K).

Inspired by the title of Wayne's Symphony, we started with an image of the Serengeti and placed it in letterbox format to give it a cutting edge look. Then, directed by the composer, we used the colors of the African flag for all of the text. Please note the primitive-looking font - like bamboo.

Click on the picture to see a larger image (70K).

Designed to capture the turbulent lives of the Hassidim, this simple "sun and desert" image captures many of the feelings aroused by the story. The word "Souls" in the composer's title suggested a "rising vapor" image.

Click the picture to see a hi-res image (60K).